Tom Cruise as Iron Man: 16 Actors Who Almost Became Superheroes (2023)

Iconic hero roles and their faces. If we"Batman", "Iron Man" und"Superman"hear, then we usually also have an actor in mind. We love the heroes because of the actors or sometimes the other way around.

Robert Downey Jr.has already received three awards for his role as Iron Man, while Dave Bautista made it as Drax inGuardians of the Galaxyfinally made the leap from wrestling stardom to more than supporting roles with one line of dialogue.

George Clooney will always be theBatman with nipplesbe on costume. Ryan Reynolds nearly cost Green Lantern his career whenDeadpoolwouldn't have given him a second chance.

Where oneHeldenrolleis not entirely foreseeable in most cases. The only thing that is certain is that they are paid well, but fans don't understand much fun when it comes to their darlings.

Here are some of the highest paying onesHollywoodstarswho narrowly missed wrapping their bums in brightly colored spandex.

#1: Iron Man – Tom Cruise

It was firmly planned until the mid-2000sMission Impossible- Starring Tom Cruise for the role of the multimillionaire inventor. After much preparation for filming, he was so busy with other projects that he couldn't accept the role when it started.

At that time, the dimensions of the MCU were not yet entirely foreseeable.Robert Downey Jr. has directed eight Marvel films in the past ten years and theAvengers: Infinity War trailerbreaks all click records.

Tom Cruise, on the other hand, was the last flopThe Mummyto see. Whether Tony Stark has a dynamic that is as popular as Robert Downey jr. could have given is questionable.

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#2: Spider-Man – Leonardo DiCaprio

TheOscar winnercelebrated fantastic successes in recent yearsserious characters. For more than a decade he has been a guarantee for good films andreceived the Oscarfor his role inThe Revenant. The main role forSpider-Manof 2002, he turned it down in favor of his close friend Tobey Maguire.

He was also offered the role of Robin inBatman Forever. He turned down the roleJim Carroll - on the streets of New Yorkto shoot, so it went to Chris O'Donnell

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#3: Black Widow – Emily Blunt

With seven film awards in the last eleven years, including theGolden Globefor Best Supporting Actress inGideon's Daughter,Emily Blunt can be seen. What is missing from her repertoire is the role asBlack Widowim Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The gotScarlett Johansson, after blunt due to the shooting tooGulliver's Travelscancelled. At least we get Blunt2018nor as a heroine inMarry Poppins Returns, thesequel to the Disney classic,to see. Not all heroes wear capes.

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#4: Ant-Man – Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt war inThe Dark Knight Risesever seen in a heroic film, and according to at least theories and hints, his role follows in the footsteps ofBruce Wayneor becomes a sidekickRobin. After all, the role was already called "Robin" John Blake.

It didn't quite work out for himAnt-Man. Marvel certainly didn't have an easy time between him andPaul Ruddto decide. Either would be just as suitable as the other. Ultimately, the role went to the star of the 2554th star on the Walk of Fame: Paul Rudd.

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#5: Batman – Josh Brolin

Actors don't turn down superhero roles just because they're working on other movies. In the case of Josh Brolin, he renounced the role asBatmanto at oneother superhero franchisesto contribute

In direct competition withDC Universe, in which he was slated to play Batman, he chose Marvel. There he not only mimics the mercenaryCableforDeadpool 2,but also the bossThanosinAvengers: Infinity War.

Lucky forBen Affleck, who could slip into the role of his personal hero, Batman. Contrary to all the doubts of the fans, the cast of the role is not the problem with the DC cinema universe...

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#6: Thor – Alexander Skarsgård

One might think that when it comes to casting a Norse god, one would have asSwedethe nose in front. TheTrue Blood-Actor was in the running for the 2009 alongside Chris HemsworthThor-Rolle.

Skarsgård had also publicly expressed his interest in the cast, even thatcostumetried on. Ultimately, however, the Australian prevailed and the big brother ofEs-Clown Pennywise,Bill Skarsgård, returned to hisTrue Blofrom-Roll back Eric Northman.

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#7: The Joker – Adrien Brody

The youngest actor to ever have aOscarfor best leading role. His role as Władysław Szpilman inThe pianistwas outstanding and got him with29 yearsto worldwide fame and recognition.

Adrien Brody was very interested in 2008 and 2016Jokerto play. With Heath Ledger andJared Letoone decided forThe Dark Knight RisesandSuicide Squadagainst Brody and doing himself a disservice, at least for the film about the team of anti-heroes.

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#8: Superman – Nicolas Cage

Of some things we have to say that we were spared. things like aSuperman-Project, following in the footsteps ofTim BurtonsBatman- should come in line. Warner Bros. Studios spent $30 million rewriting the script over and over again. Since none was good enough, wasSuperman LivesShelved in 1998.

Too bad for Nicolas Cage, who as a self-confessedComic-Faneuphoric about it, but finally officially withdrew from the project in 2000. But if he doesn'tSupermanat least that's the name of his son, who was born in 2005, Kal-El.

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#9: Superman – Warren Beatty

Superhero films have always been in demand in the history of cinema. Already in 1936 appeared withFlash Gordonthe first heroic story, back then still in black and white.

ForSupermanfrom 1978 you had one with Warren Beattyworld starfor themain rolein the eye. After the dress rehearsal, the star decidedBonnie & Clydehoweveragainst itand preferred to shootHeaven shall wait.

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#10: Wonder Woman – Sandra Bullock

Another discontinued film project of the '90s superhero film boom wasWonder Womanwith Sandra Bullock. The star outSpeedandwhile you sleptwar so coveted thatWonder Woman-Fans oneown campaignstarted to get Bullock on the cast.

Even Lynda Carter, theWonder Womanin the series from 1975 and the bars singer Magnolia inFallout 4synchronized,advocatedthe occupation. Unfortunately for everyone, the film was never made.

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#11: Jean Grey – Helen Hunt

Helen Hunt's filmography spans over44 years. In 1994 she received theGolden Globefor her starring role incrazy about you.

Hunt was in for the roleJean Greyin the 2000 movieX-Menalready set, but early on during filmingtook overFamke Janssen the role. Why ultimately the Dutchwoman was chosen for Jean Gray remains open.

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#12: Green Lantern – Chris Pine

Pretty sure would have from today's perspectiveRyan ReynoldsChris Pine theprioritycalmly. Nobody is particularly good at itGreen Lanternspeaking of 2011. The film is one of the biggest, grossing $220 million and costing $200 millionFlopsthe history of cinema.

Pine has with his roles asCaptain Kirk inStar Trekand Steve Trevor inWonder Womanhad a happier hand. Even he wouldn't have the filmanimated suitcan save.

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#13: Doctor Strange – Joaquin Phoenix

As Marvel after casting for theirDoctor Strangefrom 2016 were looking for, came quicklyrumourson that Joaquin Phoenix is ​​in conversation. The actor had, among other things, inGladiatorandWalk the Lineproved what a greatTalenthe is.

Phoenix canceled the engagement and so the role went to the talentedBenedict Cumberbatch.

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#14: Superman – Jon Voight

AnotherCandidatefor Superman in 1978 was the father of Angelina Jolie. After Warren Beatty had already canceled, Jon Voight was asNotnagelan option.

The actor, who in 1979 asbest leading actorforComing Homewho received the Oscar, was to take on the role if no one else could be found.

Other possible actors were, by the way, among othersArnold Schwarzeneggerand Robert Redford. In the end, Christopher Reeve got the role and that's how he got his breakthrough.

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#15: Catwoman – Annette Bening

Speaking of Warren Beatty, his wife, Annette Bening, has already been cast for the roleCatwomaninBatman's returncast. The star outAmerican Beautyhowever, found out a few weeks later that shepregnantwar.

A huge press hype broke over her and so she withdrew from the project. After Michelle Pfeiffer starred in hits likeThe silence of the LambsandBasic Instinctturned down, she might want something againshow more courage in choosing a roleand snapped up the part of Catwoman.

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#16: The Joker – Robin Williams

Where are we atBatman's returnare: In Tim Burton'sBatmanwar Robin Williamsalready cast, when Jack Nicholson was unsure about taking the role. When Nicholson finally agreed, without knowing that Williams was already cast, the decision was made without further ado.

The crowd favorite became out of the projectdismissedand refused to work for Warner Bros. until she agreed to dealing with himexcuse.

When it was 1995 tooBatman Forevercame, Robin Williams was the first on Tim Burtonswish listfor theRiddlerand he gladly accepted. Then Tim Burton left the project and was replaced by Joel Schumacher. He preferred Jim Carrey for the role. But Williams never gave up his wish entirely. in oneInterviewhe said beforeThe Dark Knight Rises:

"Years ago they offered me the Joker and gave it to Jack Nicholson, then they offered me the Riddler and gave it to Jim Carrey. I would say, 'Okay, is that a serious offer? If it is, then it is the answer yes.Don't fool me again, you motherfuckers.'[...]

I use this article as advertising. Chris call meI do everything.I could be a great character — or a weird little man in the background of Arkham Asylum."

So. There would have been many ways toBatman Foreverto do better. The easiest would have beenRobin Williamsto keep. Your own fault.

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Did Tom Cruise rejected the role of Iron Man? ›

Repeatedly reviving his popular roles in Mission Impossible and Top Gun franchises, Tom Cruise revealed how he almost got himself engaged with Marvel Studios. It has been reported that the actor was offered the role of Iron Man before he refused it and carved the way for Robert Downey Jr.

Who turned down the role of Iron Man? ›

Before Robert Downey Jr. became Tony Stark in 2008's Iron Man, the film that launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the part was turned down by Clive Owen.

Was Tom Cruise the first choice for Iron Man? ›

And, contrary to popular belief neither the Oppenheimer actor nor Tom Cruise were the first choice actors for the role of Tony Stark in the MCU.

Who else auditioned for Iron Man? ›

Other actors considered the lead were Hugh Jackman, Clive Owen, Timothy Olyphant, and Nicolas Cage! 2. While Jon Favreau would go on the create a great template for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he was far from the studio's first choice.

What Marvel role did Tom Cruise turned down? ›

Prior to the release of 2008's Iron Man, Cruise was offered the opportunity to play Tony Stark but turned it down.

Why did Marvel get rid of Iron Man? ›

"That seems like a more interesting arc to us to take a character who had an ego because to die for others, you have to defeat the rights of that," said Russo. "It seemed like the more compelling arc to us that it would be Stark who died. So that it would be a richer more complex arc, and that's why we chose him."

Who is Iron Man's biggest enemy? ›

Mandarin - The archenemy of Iron Man, the Mandarin is a Chinese nobleman, scientist and former diplomat turned criminal mastermind.

Why is Superior Iron Man evil? ›

Superior Iron Man is still Tony Stark but comes from a storyline in Marvel Comics called the Axis event, in which a spell switched the moralities of all the major heroes in the Universe. Before the spell was reversed, Evil Stark protected himself from it, ensuring he kept himself evil.

Did Iron Man turn evil? ›

The origins of Superior Iron Man would begin in the Axis event, in which the morality of Earth's heroes and villains was reversed by magic. While the spell was undone the now corrupt Tony managed to shield himself and thus retained his evil personality even as most of Earth's heroes reverted back to their usual selves.

Who was first choice for Tony Stark? ›

Feige disclosed that Marvel's top choice for Tony Stark was actually Clive Owen. However, Owen was not interested in the role, leading to Downey's casting in September 2006.

Will Tom Cruise ever be Iron Man? ›

Though Cruise didn't end up joining the highly-successful Iron Man series, he hasn't ruled out the chance of ending up in a superhero film before his storied acting career ends. "I look at a movie and think, you know, I don't rule anything out. It's "What's the story? What's the character?" he said.

Who was the first choice to play Iron Man? ›

However, Marvel boss Kevin Feige recently revealed that Downey wasn't the studio's initial choice for the role. In a surprising revelation, Feige disclosed that an English actor, Clive Owen, was almost cast as Iron Man, potentially altering the entire trajectory of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Who was closest to Iron Man? ›

James "Rhodey" Rhodes/War Machine

Rhodey is Tony's best friend and an officer of the US military. He often argues with Tony. He even stated that Iron Man can't do this alone, but Tony never listens. Despite their personality clashes, the two do care for each other.

Who else auditioned for Thor? ›

Tom Hiddleston was one of the many young men who auditioned to play Thor, but Marvel felt he was a better fit for Loki. Those who also tested included Charlie Hunnam, Alexander Skarsgard, Joel Kinnaman, Kevin McKidd, and even WWE star Triple-H.

Who was supposed to be the original Iron Man? ›

Thanks to the work of Feige, director Jon Favreau, and others, the team found the perfect choice, “an actor who checked all of those boxes and who we were confident would be a huge hit.” That actor? English star Clive Owen. “He passed,” Feige revealed.

Why did Rdj not want to be Iron Man anymore? ›

While talking at length about his post-Iron Man ventures with Daniel Roth (via LinkedIn), Downey said he wanted to focus on his philanthropic work and didn't have the time while working long hours on MCU sets. "I'm not just going to lay around and sit in my trailer between setups anymore," the actor explained.

Did Robert Downey Jr not want to be Iron Man? ›

“He and his people know he is integral to the franchise”: Robert Downey Jr. Reportedly Refused to Return as Iron Man After Marvel Rejected His $80M Salary for Avengers: Secret Wars, Downplayed With Claims of New Characters Instead. We all love Robert Downey Jr.


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